Cambodia Firm On Online Gambling Ban, PM Says No Backtracking

Cambodia Firm On Online Gambling Ban, PM Says No Backtracking

Online gambling was banned in Cambodia earlier in the year and by the next year when all the current licenses expire online gambling would be completely outlawed.

While there were speculations floating around that the South East Asian country would make some concessions and will come up with some sort of relaxation for online gambling licenses, Prime Minister Hun Sen put an end to all such wishful thinking.

On Saturday, Prime Minister Sun said that he is firm on his commitment to ban all forms of online gambling in the country. The leader said that online gambling in the country has been more of a burden than an advantage. According to Sun, online gambling has put the country at risk of increased money laundering activities and has also led to increased gambling-related crimes.

The locals banning online gambling as the only way to have illegal Chinese workers out of the country. There has been a growing discontent amongst the locals because of the increased influence and presence of Chinese nationals dominating the online gambling scene in Cambodia.

Gambling is banned in mainland China but online gambling hubs in the region target Chinese customers and also illegally employ thousands of Chinese nationals.

China has long been demanding a complete ban on online gambling in the region. While Cambodia has acted upon the calls from China, the Philippines which is another major hub of online gambling operations in the region has rejected it straightaway.

Speaking when he opened the 8th Sea Festival in Kampot province the Prime Minister said: “So what do you really want? To me, if Cambodia’s economy continues to rely on online gambling, Cambodia’s national security will be compromised.

We’ll be under the threat of organized crime groups who will come to Cambodia to carry out their activities.

“We’ll also find ourselves in a situation in which Cambodia becomes a haven for money laundering as a result of online gambling,” he emphasized.

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