Workers At Red Rock Casino Reject Unionization

Workers At Red Rock Casino Reject Unionization

Casino workers at the Red Rock Casino, Resort and Spa, have said no to unionization. According to a casino spokesperson, the casino workers have voted against unionization.

Michael Britt, senior vice president of Public Policy and Communications for Red Rock Resorts, Inc., the company that owns and operates Station Casinos said that the workers at the gambling facility have rejected unionization in an election that was organized and monitored by the National Labor Relations Board. The entire election process went for multiple days and it was decided by secret ballot.

It is reported that about 84 percent of the workers voted. The casino workers voted 627 to 534 against joining the union.

Speaking to a local news outlet, the manager at the property, Scott Nelson, said that their team members have spoken, and they thank them for their support.

“We believe there is no better place to work in Las Vegas and these election results validate that belief,” he added.
While the casino management was satisfied with the results, the Culinary Union, which filed for the election seemed disappointed with the results.

Commenting on the vote rejecting unionization, Secretary-Treasurer for the Culinary Union Geoconda Arguello-Kline said that it wasn’t surprising that Station Casinos’ anti-union tactics given its past and continuing history of violating federal labor law, including refusals to recognize election results where workers voted overwhelmingly to unionize.

He charged on the management and blamed them for resorting to sham tactics. He said that they announced making its HMO health plan premium-free and deductible-free just after the Culinary and Bartenders Unions filed for the election at Red Rock Casino.

He also said putting tactics to the purpose the company also announced increased company contributions to workers’ 401(k) accounts.

The union, on the other hand, has also said that they are looking forward to registering their objections with the NLRB. The union says that they are confident and claims measures announced by the management right after the elections were illegal.

The union hopes that the NLRB will intervene and will reprimand the casino management for violating the labor laws and is hoping for an order to recognize the unions.

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