Former Communications Director For Springfield Mayor Escapes Jail Time

Former Communications Director For Springfield Mayor Escapes Jail Time

A former spokeswoman for Springfield Mayor has managed to escape jail time after she “admitted to sufficient facts for a finding of guilty to a charge of destruction of property of less than $1,200.”

According to a report from the Associated Press, the former communications director for Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno, who was earlier arrested on charges of vandalizing casino property pleaded guilty to sufficient facts on Tuesday.

Earlier, she faced charges of malicious intent behind the act of damaging the property. However, her attorneys managed to prove it otherwise.

In November, Sullivan was arrested after she got out of control and went on damaging property at a dining facility at a casino. Not only did she vandalized the restaurant at the venue, but she also broke cars in a parking garage.

It was found that Sullivan was under the influence of alcohol at that time. After news broke out and she faced charges, the office of the Mayor relieved Sullivan of her duties.

In the court hearing Sullivan’s lawyer, Mary Hurley explained that her client’s behavior was “aberrant and an anomaly.”

She also claimed that Sullivan did what she did because of having lost mental control due to a bad reaction that occurred because she unknowingly mixed alcohol with a new medication she was taking.

Sullivan who was on administrative leave following the incident has already resigned from her post. She sent in her resignation last week.

Commenting on Sullivan’s behavior Mayor Domenic J. Sarno had said that he was “shocked and very disturbed” by the arrest. He had said he’s hopeful Sullivan “will seek the help that she seems to need.”

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