Massive Drive Against Illegal Gambling In Ukraine Before Gambling Legalization

Massive Drive Against Illegal Gambling In Ukraine Before Gambling Legalization

Ukraine is battling illegal gambling as it is poised to launch a regulated gambling market once it is approved by lawmakers. Meanwhile, the police have launched a massive crackdown on all illegal gambling facilities ensuring that they are shut down.

Last week, it was reported that about 5,300 illegal gambling establishments have been forced to shut shops across the country. The country’s prime minister came out confirmed it on his social media handles.

The president has said that it is the decision of the government and they are committed to shutting all illegal gambling facilities before gambling is legalized in the country.

The current political dispensation in the country has committed itself to legalize gambling and launching a regulated gambling market to help the country’s economy benefit from the boost in tax revenues.

“At the moment, 715 mobile groups from the staff of investigative units, as well as the strategic investigations department, are involved,” the president said.

In the nationwide raids, the police have seized about 428 pieces of computer equipment with installed gambling simulation software, 32 slot machines, and 6 units of other gambling equipment along with gambling tables, chips, and cash.

To speed up the process the police have also created 715 mobile units. In a Facebook message, the Interior Ministry of Ukraine said that at present there are 715 mobile units, constantly monitoring and observing the legislation norms concerning the ban for the functions of any gambling rooms, were created all over Ukraine.

The country’s new comedian turned politician Prime Minister has promised a series of changes amongst which gambling legalization is one.

The government plans to raise additional tax revenues from sale of gambling licenses. The additional revenue will be used to fund the state’s education programs. The current, state budget also allocates nearly 70 percent of the proceeds from the sale of the license (UAH 2 billion) to fund educational programs in the country.

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