Kenya: Five Chinese Nationals Arrested, 169 Gambling Machines Seized In Illegal Gambling Bust

Kenya: Five Chinese Nationals Arrested, 169 Gambling Machines Seized In Illegal Gambling Bust

While the authorities in Kenya have already revealed their anti-gambling stance the police are cracking down on illegal gambling operations in the country.

On Tuesday, the police busted an illegal gambling ring in the Free Area on the outskirts of Nakuru town. After the investigation and having received confirmed information on illegal gambling operations ongoing, the police conducted the raid in which it seized illegal gambling machines and arrested five suspects.

The five suspects arrested over allegations of conducting illegal gambling operations are Chinese nationals.

In a statement to the press, discussing the details of the raid, the Nakuru County Police Commander Stephen Matu said the police have seized a total of 169 gambling machines during the raid. The police said that operation was taking place from a house that was taken on rent by the arrested Chinese suspects.

β€œWe received a tip-off from an informer at about 4pm that some Chinese were doing illegal business of assembling gaming machines and we swung into action and arrested the five suspects,” the police chief said.

Answering as to how the illegal gambling machines landed in Nakuru he explained that the machines were chipped in the country through the port of Mombasa from where it was finally transported to Nakuru. However, the specifics of who were involved in the transportation is still a subject of investigation.

β€œWe don’t know how the machines landed in Nakuru after clearance in Mombasa because gambling is banned in Kenya,” said Mr Matu.

Further investigation is ongoing and the police have said that they are committed to dismantling the nexus which they suspect could be behind such operations.

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