People Visiting Hospitals For Gambling-related Treatment In UK Increases

People Visiting Hospitals For Gambling-related Treatment In UK Increases

While the UK Gambling Commission and the National Health Service (NHS) are taking a series of steps to tackle problem gambling the number of people seeking gambling-related treatment at hospitals is increasing.

It has been reported that currently, the number of gambling-related admissions to hospital have reached more than one a day.

According to the figures released by the NHS, in 2018-19 there were 379 gambling-related admissions to hospitals. The figure represents a 28 percent increase when compared with people being admitted for gambling-related issues in 2015-16. The admitted people are all diagnosed with a “pathological” gambling addiction.

Gambling Addiction In The Uk

Gambling addiction in the UK has been on the rise. The problem is especially with children who are exposed to gambling through various different means. According to figures released by the UK Gambling Commission earlier in the year, the number of children at risk of gambling addiction quadrupled in the past two years.

The UK Gambling Commission has also found that the number of children who can be classified as having a gambling problem is 55,000. It reports that about 450,000 underage minors bet regularly.

Last week, the Royal Society for Public Health also published a study in which it sought banning loot boxes in video games which it claimed that it is similar to gambling and is one of the major causes of gambling addiction amongst children.

According to a study which was funded by the gambling charity Gamble Aware, it was found that about 58 percent of young people aged 11-24 see purchasing loot boxes as highly addictive.

To provide help to those who are suffering from compulsive gambling issues, NHS has opened gambling treatment centers. Earlier in the year, the NHS also opened its first gambling treatment clinic outside London.

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