Pachinko Operator Raided In Connection With Japan Casino Bribery Investigation

Pachinko Operator Raided In Connection With Japan Casino Bribery Investigation

Investigation continues in the bribery case which saw Japan’s ruling party lawmaker arrested earlier this week. The investigating authorities have raided a gaming company that operates Pachinko centers in the country.

Pachinko is a game in which players insert steel balls into machines where lucky winners get a prize. The game is popular in Japan, especially amongst young people.

On Thursday, the investigating authorities conducted a raid on the headquarters of a gaming arcade operator. The raids formed part of the same investigation which led to the arrest of a ruling party lawmaker and local media reports suggest that the scandal could be bigger than what it seems to be.

The gaming operator raided is headquartered in Tokyo and the news floating around is that the operator had ties with the lawmaker Tsukasa Akimoto.

The Japanese lawmaker was being investigated for his ties with a Chinese gambling operator. However, earlier in the week, he was arrested after the investigating authorities found him to have taken a bribe from the Chinese gambling operator.

The investigating authorities have said that the accounts of the gambling operator that was raided is under investigation and they are trying to see if there are transactions involving Akimoto.

Akimoto has been a very active proponent of the casino gambling industry in Japan. The lawmaker has been under investigation as the investigation has found that he had accepted a bribe to the tune of 3 million yen ($27,384) in cash from The company is based in China.

Following his arrest, the ruling party has alienated itself from the lawmaker. However, the ongoing investigations have given the opposition a chance to launch its campaign against the government as they demand banning casinos in the country.

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