Cambodia’s National Military Police Investigated 48 Gambling-related Crimes In 2019

Cambodia’s National Military Police Investigated 48 Gambling-related Crimes In 2019

Mushrooming of casinos and online gambling centers has been counterproductive in Cambodia and that’s pretty much why the government has planned to put a complete ban on all forms of online gambling in the country.

According to the latest figures for 2019 released by Cambodia’s National Military Police it received 2,550 reports of crime across the Kingdom this year of which 48 were gambling-related crimes.

While the National Military Police force managed to solve most of the cases it has said that 800 of the total crimes are still under investigation and will be solved soon.

The National Military Police said that of the 2,398 cases already, 963 involved drug dealing, drug use (188), murder (14), kidnapping (13), rape (35), theft with aggravating circumstances (28) and violence with aggravating circumstances (67).

It also said that they investigated eight cases of human trafficking, robberies (142), street snatchings (33), fraud (33), intentional acts of violence (27), unlawful use and possession of weapons (21), planting marijuana (four), causing intentional damage (16), breach of trust (30) and gambling (48).

While the efforts made by the military police in tackling crime in the country has been lauded, Cambodia is hoping to see a steep decline in gambling-related cries once the online gambling ban in the country comes into effect when the current licenses expire.

Cambodia has banned any further issue of online gambling licenses and the state has also launched a drive to verify if the licensed gambling operators in the country are still offering online gambling.

The majority of the people involved in Cambodia’s online gambling industry are Chinese nationals. China has been demanding the closure of all online gambling operations in the region. While Cambodia’s efforts to tackle online gambling have been cherished by Chinese diplomats neighboring Philippines has simply refused to give in to China’s demands.

A rights group Adhoc spokesman Soeung Sen Karuna said: “It’s good that they highlighted the achievements of the military police officers, which was achieved through a whole year of hard work. It contributes to boosting morale and maintaining social order and security.”

“We want to see firmer and better action against crimes. The authorities should expend more effort in educating people about the law,” Karuna added.

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