Gambling Addict Sues Caesars Windsor Casino For Allowing Him To Lose His Money

Gambling Addict Sues Caesar Windsor Casino For Allowing Him To Lose His Money

A gambling addict has sued Caesars Windsor casino for allowing him to lose all his money. Mr. Tarwinder Shokar who lost to the tune of $342,000 at the gambling facility back in October 2013 is now suing the casino.

It so happened that Tarwinder Shokar attempted suicide after losing all his money gambling at Casino Brantford. He literally threw himself in front of a truck. However, it didn’t go as expected and Mr. Shokar survived with serious injuries.

With injuries, he got a significant amount from insurance. But then again with the money, he was wanting to gamble and try his luck once again.

But it wasn’t easy as he was already banned at several casinos due to his history of being a gambling addict. However, he approached a travel agency that organized casino tours following which he landed at Caesars Windsor Casino.

It was here that he lost $342,000 in October 2013. Now, Mr. Shokar wants to get back his money and has filed a lawsuit alleging that the casino allowed him to lose his money which they shouldn’t have. Moreover, he wants $500,000 as compensation.

Caesars Windsor Should Have Restricted Gambling Addict

His lawyers have contested that the casino should not have allowed him to gamble and that they knew or should have known about their client’s compulsive gambling issues.

In the civil lawsuit, it is said that Shokar has drinking issues and is a gambling addict. Because he has been banned from several gambling facilities in Ontario, it is claimed that the casino should have restricted him from wagering.

Instead what happened was the other way round. Shokar was given VIP treatment as he came from an agency that organizes casino visits and he also got to the venue with a $55,000 bank draft.

The lawsuit argues that the casino not only did not prohibit Shokar from placing wagers, they instead facilitated wagering. It is also claimed that Shokar kept returning to the gambling facility, each time he lost more and more.

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