International Gambling Syndicate Busted In Taiwan

International Gambling Syndicate Busted In Taiwan

Taiwan police have been successful in busting an international gambling syndicate in a major crackdown on illegal gambling in the capital Taipei. The police conducted multiple raids in several cities and busted one of the syndicates which had huge volumes of transactions between Taiwan and China.

The investigations in the wagers on the upcoming presidential election in Taiwan led the investigators to bust the international illegal gambling syndicate. The presidential elections in Taiwan are scheduled to take place on Jan 11.

According to a Taipei Times report, a man by the surname of Hsiao has been detained and he is said to be the owner and manager of the illegal gambling syndicate. He is said to be a local real-estate mogul with properties in Chiayi County and central Taiwan.

The police said that they have subpoenaed over 100 other suspects along with Hsiao.

In the raids, the police have managed to seize 67 desktop and notebook computers, along with 200 cell phones and over 200 USB drives. The police also seized as well as NT$5.45 million of local currency and NT$960,000 of foreign currency.

Six luxury vehicles and 16 diamonds — with the largest one having an estimated value of NT$6 million is also reported to have been confiscated.

Illegal gambling in Taiwan is on the rise. however, the government has brought an amendment in the existing gambling regulations to tackle the issue of illegal online gambling. The majority of illegal online gambling rings in the country are China facing.

Earlier this month, the authorities in Taiwan busted an illegal online gambling ring that operated a site that was impersonating US-based gambling operator Las Vegas Sands.

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