Cambodia’s Online Gambling Ban Leaves 8,000 Jobless

Cambodia’s Online Gambling Ban Leaves 8,000 Thousand Jobless

Cambodia is firm on a complete ban on online gambling in the country. The authorities have started inspecting licensed gambling facilities to check whether they still continue to offer online gambling. Earlier in the year, the state had banned any further issue of online gambling licenses.

The move to ban online gambling has left 8,000 Cambodian nationals jobless. According to a report, 8,000 Cambodian staff working in casinos in Preah Sihanouk province have lost their jobs after the government ordered the complete closure of online gambling operations.

Yov Khemara, provincial director of the Ministry of Labor, told VOD Khmer, a local news outlet that “four casinos shut down all their operations, while another 23 casinos ended the employment of all staff except security guards, and 33 other casinos temporarily suspended staff. He said a total of 73 casinos were operating in the province.”

“Some of them come to work in the casino sector because salaries are higher than in the garment sector,” he said. “When the casinos close, they return to the garment sector. Some others don’t have work experience, so return to their homeland.”

He also said that over two-thirds of the Chinese people living in the region involved in the online gambling industry have left the region since the ban was announced.

Earlier this week, Cambodia’s president said that the government is firm on its decision to ban all forms of online gambling in the country. Confirming that they would not backtrack on the decision, he said that online gambling in the country has been more of a burden than an advantage.

The online gambling ban will make a deep cut in the country’s tax expectations. Cambodia has emerged as a growing online gambling destination in the region. The sate grossed $50 million in tax revenue from casinos in the latest fiscal. However, the online ban announced earlier in the year in August will lead to reduced tax revenue from gambling operations.

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