Nagasaki Leads The Race To Host Integrated Casino Resort In Japan

Nagasaki Leads The Race To Host Integrated Casino Resort In Japan

The competition to host a casino resort in Japan is stiff. As per the reports, there are a total of seven contenders to host a casino in Japan. Earlier there were eight cities that had demonstrated their interest in hosting a casino, however recently, Hokkaido pulled out of the race citing environmental concerns.

As a part of the expansion of the gambling regime, Japan is planning to host three casinos in the first phase of its gambling expansion plan – three but solid world-class luxury integrated casino resorts.

For investors and operators eyeing at a casino license in Japan, it’s going to get big. While the average expectation of cities is that investors come with a plan that involves minimum spending of about 7-8 billion dollars, Nagasaki is expecting an investment of up to $5 billion in its IR project.

While it is still unclear as to which cities will be hosting a casino, it is reported that there could be two big casinos, one each in two big cities and one would be reserved for a smaller town.

Nagasaki is looking to host a casino at Huis Ten Bosch theme park in Sasebo city located in the region of Kyushu.
It is reported that mayor Kenji Kitahashi is already in touch with prospective casino operators. He is said to have contacted three investors interested in developing a casino in the city.

Nagasaki has already got four gambling operators interested in the IR project as the city had launched a request-for-concept (RFC) procedure earlier in October this year. While it received several applications many pulled out. Currently, there are four companies officially interested in a casino in Nagasaki.

While one of the companies has voluntarily chosen to remain anonymous, the three companies that participated in the RFC procedure are: Current Corp, Casinos Austria International Japan Inc, Oshidori International Development Ltd.

Nagasaki expects its casino resort partner to spend about $5 billion. This is as per the recent reports, but earlier in the year, when talks of hosting a casino resort were in its earliest stages, the expectation was of about $10 billion.

A lot has disenchanted investors from the prospective Japanese casino gambling industry which is expected to be the third-largest after Macau and Nevada. The most recent being the arrest of a Japanese ruling party lawmaker getting arrested over charges of bribery.

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