UK Betting Operator Bet365 Says It Is Committed To Consumer Protection

UK Betting Operator Bet365 Says It Is Committed To Consumer Protection

Having come under a lot of flak from critics Bet365 has said that they are committed to ensuring consumer protection and that it is amongst its priorities.

While presenting its annual accounts for 2019, the betting operator also revealed certain measures that it would come up within the new year to boost player protection and safer gambling practices.

Bet365, in its strategic report, said that they have an “unwavering commitment to deliver industry-leading approaches to player protection”.

The company said that Bet365‘s early-risk detection system, ‘EROS’, monitors customer activity for “behaviours that may indicate a potential concern”.

Bet365 also said that it had been working on innovative measures and working on the use of machine-learning techniques to develop EROS further. The operator said that it would help to improve the detection of at-risk behaviours.

Commenting on the progress of EROS, Bet365 has said that its preliminary model has been developed and soon it will be put through the initial phase of testing.

Bet365 has also partnered with Focal Research, a social research company based in Canada to develop a tool to enhance consumer protection by analyzing player data to help identify high-risk customers.

The company in its report also emphasized on how it is improving on by ensuring customer interaction, in partnership with GUK gambling charity GamCare. It also said that it is working on training its staff and that the training program involves a focus on core skills, such as motivational strategies for encouraging customers to take positive steps in controlling their gambling.

Concluding its report Bet365 said: “The group recognises that player protection is not a competitive exercise. To that end, the impact of its systems and the positive results it identifies through internal research are routinely shared across the industry.

“In the coming year, the group will continue in this vein, and is willing to work with other operators and regulators on raising standards across the industry, in a shared endeavour to make gambling safe for all.”

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