Pennsylvania Bans Over 800 People From Entering Casinos

Pennsylvania Bans Over 800 People From Entering Casinos

One of the most gambling-friendly states in the US, Pennsylvania, has banned over 800 people from accessing gambling facilities in the state.

This is not a voluntary self-exclusion list aimed at helping those with compulsive gambling issues. It is an involuntary exclusion of gamblers deemed persona-non-grata at the state’s gambling facilities by the state’s Gaming Control Board.

The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board has issued a list of 809 gamblers who are now banned from entering or accessing gambling facilities in the region as they have been reportedly associated with casino-related crime and offenses in the past.

The gambling watchdog says that those who have made it to the list have in the past done something disruptive or unwanted which makes them a threat at gambling facilities.

In the list are 648 men and 161 women. The gambling regulator has compiled the list based on the record from the past 10 years. The names on the list have also been made public along with the photographs to help the authorities easily identify those who are banned.

The gambling regulator says that those on the list are repeat offenders or cheaters and also a threat to the internal environment of a casino.

The ones on the list have been informed, in case they want to appeal against the Gaming board’s decision. They can also apply for having their names removed from the list but that would be possible only after having been there for a minimum of five years.

While 213 on the list were found to be guilty of theft, 205 were found to be cheating at a gambling facility at some point in time. 93 have been put under the category of being a danger to children and 85 underages when wagering at local casinos.

While 809 is a significant number, the number of people on the involuntary exclusion list in Pennsylvania has dropped. The main reason is the change in minimum age policy for gambling.

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