Danish Gambling Regulator Publishes New Guide On Responsible Gambling

Danish Gambling Regulator Publishes New Guide On Responsible Gambling

Denmark’s gambling regulator Spillemyndigheden is introducing new measures to ensure compliance. The gambling regulator has published a new guide on responsible gambling. The guide involves codes for employees working in the gambling industry and also other stakeholders.

The guide is also to help the gambling operators interpret the laws and learn how they should be complying with the existing regulations.

The new guideline has been developed based on executive orders for the different gambling sectors. The orders have come into effect from Jan 1, 2020. The gambling regulator has also said that it would be regularly updating the guide to keep it aligned with the regulatory changes and amendments.

The gambling regulator in its guide has said that a licence holder’s website or user interface and land-based property’s point of sale must:

– State that it is not allowed for persons under the age of 18 to participate in the games.
– Inform about responsible gambling and the potential harmful effects of gambling, and the information must be prepared in collaboration with a treatment centre for compulsive gambling.
– Provide information about and contact addresses of Danish treatment centres for compulsive gambling.

The gambling operators are also required to explicitly mention that they are licensed and authorised by the country’s gambling regulator to offer gambling products to the locals.

The online gambling regulators are also required to provide their customers with self-assessment test for compulsive gambling and have the information of gambling addictions treatment centres made available on the website.

The gambling regulator in its guide also says that a “licence holder’s attention should be sharpened if a player requests to receive bonuses, as this may indicate that the player feels a need to play but cannot afford it”.

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