Gamblers In Latvia Can Now Sign Up For Gambling Self-Exclusion

Gamblers In Latvia Can Now Sign Up For Gambling Self-Exclusion Register

Latvia is an emerging regulated gambling market in Europe. While it had announced a self-exclusion register for problem gamblers earlier last year, its self-exclusion register is now launched and available for gamblers to sign up.

The self-exclusion scheme has been live since January 1. It is also the first major development in the country’s gambling industry this year.

The country’s gambling regulator, Lotteries and Gambling Supervisory Authority (IAUI) is monitoring the gambling self-exclusion register. It was under the IAUI that the program was conceptualized and launched.

Latvia’s gambling self-exclusion program is offered to players involved with both online and land-based gambling. The players who want to exclude themselves from gambling can apply and get registered online or they can do so in person by visiting any of the country’s licensed gambling facilities.

In a statement announcing the launch of the self-exclusion register, the IAUI said that the “purpose of the register of self-denied persons is to protect the public interest and the right of natural persons to refrain from excessive gambling activities, including interactive gambling, or participation in interactive lotteries. The exclusion applies to participation in all statutory gambling and interactive lotteries.”

Increased Gambling Addiction In Latvia

As the gambling market in Latvia grows, there has been an increased number of people facing compulsive gambling issues. The launch of the self-exclusion register is a strategic step to combat rising gambling addiction and protecting the vulnerable.

The country also provides free psychologist support to problem gamblers. Last year, in November it was reported that about 127 people accessed the service in just the first four months of its launch.

The government has initiated a series of measures to tackle problem gambling. This includes stricter regulations for gambling operators and also limits on gambling adverts.

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