Macau Gambling Regulator Committed To Safeguarding The Health Of Casino Workers

Macau Gambling Regulator Committed To Safeguarding The Health Of Casino Workers

Casino workers in Macau face health issues and have been vocal about their concerns. Now the city’s gambling regulator has also said that it is committed to protecting the health of the casino workers.

The DICJ has announced a series of measures aimed at protecting the health of casino workers to be implemented in the new year.

The gambling watchdog has said that the casinos will now have to have test reports of employees done independently and also get the reports verified by a third-party personnel.

Casino workers in Macau have to engage with people from across the globe. As such, they are more concerned about health risks.

Last year in April, the casino workers were concerned about the rubella outbreak. About 24 casino workers were diagnosed with the illness. The workers were employed at the City of Dreams Cotia and StarWorld Hotel.

But since the news of rubella infected workers surfaced, the city’s health bureau came into action and conducted tests of employees at casinos and made sure that there are no further risks involved.

In a statement pledging its safety for casino workers in Macau, the gambling regulator, Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau said that “Apart from assisting the relevant government departments in conducting regular checks on workplace safety compliance, the bureau also requires casino operators to submit independent, third-party test reports of the gaming facilities when approving such installations.”

A group representing casino workers in Macau, Macau Gaming Staff Rights Association is concerned about the “casino chip attribution system,” which they say is a risk for casino dealers. It said that the radio-frequency identification (RFID) signals that are used within the chips are not healthy for casino dealers.

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