Belgium To Go Tough On Gambling Adverts

Belgium To Go Tough On Gambling Adverts

While it would be a bit early to say that the New Year hasn’t started well for gambling operators in Belgium, it seems that the government is already planning stricter measures to limit gambling adverts.

According to the country’s gambling regulator, the Belgian Gaming Commission (BGC) adverts promoting gambling products are everywhere in football which also happens to be the most popular sports in the country.

A report focussing on gambling advertising during the 2019 playoffs of the Jupiler Pro League was published by the Belgian Gaming Commission (BGC) Friday. The football league is also amongst the most popular in Belgium.

While the Belgian authorities have already been tough on gambling advertising, the gambling regulator is planning to introduce new measures as it seems convinced that the restrictions did not achieve the purpose. The gambling authority in its report claims that the football spectators are exposed to “large scale” gambling ads “in every medium that can be linked to the football events and the surrounding experience.”

The report also finds that gambling advertising leaves no space to promote gambling products. It finds that the fans are exposed to gambling adverts right from the moment they purchase a match ticket because of the sponsorship deals between teams and betting brands.

The gambling regulator says that the adverts being placed on the team’s websites and logos displayed the fans are closer to gambling websites and exposed.

In its report, the BGC also said that the promotional adverts are not only on the teams’ websites and tickets but are also shared from social media handles of the teams. It said that it found promotional links shared from betting sponsors on the teams’ social media channels.

Moreover, the fans who subscribed to team updates also did receive occasional emails featuring betting promos.

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