Church Of England Slams Rooney For Appearing On A Gambling Video

Church Of England Slams Rooney For Appearing On A Gambling Video

The Church of England has strictly condemned former English captain Wayne Rooney’s appearance on a gambling video. Wayne Rooney had inked a deal with the Kindred Group’s brand 32Red earlier in the week has appeared in a video about gambling addiction.

The video is a part of a series produced by online gambling brand 32Red which the company says is aimed at promoting responsible gambling messages. In the first episode, the former English captain is featured in a six-minute video clip.

In the video, Roonie is seen advocating and encouraging people to gamble responsibly and tackle their compulsive gambling habits. While the Church of England has slammed Roonie for appearing in a video sponsored by a gambling operator, it has also admitted that it is not a gambling advert as such.

However, the Church of England slamming Roonie said that his appearance in a gambling video would be of little help to those who are actually battling compulsive gambling issues.

In the video, Roonie can be heard saying: “I was a young lad, just come into a lot of money. And when you go away with Manchester United to an away game, you stay in a hotel.

“You get bored and you end up doing things to fill the time. And at that time, gambling was one of them.

“It didn’t feel like real money, but before you knew it, you’ve lost a good bit of money and you don’t realize actually the amount you’re putting on at the time.

But this failed to convince the Bishop of St Albans, Dr Alan Smith, who is also the gambling spokesman for the Church of England.

The Bishop said that “The video is little more than an extended advert, associating 32Red with Wayne Rooney, who is wearing their logo from start to finish.

“Wayne Rooney’s simplistic solutions will be of little help to those who have already experienced harm from products campaigners say are designed to be addictive.

“The video shows that the gambling industry recognizes the massive problems it is causing.”

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