Sweden To Introduce Stricter Gambling Advertising Restrictions

Sweden To Introduce Stricter Gambling Advertising Restrictions

The Swedish government has taken a series of measures to tackle the rise of gamblig addiction in the country. However, following the first phase of stricter regulations imposed on gambling operators in Sweden, the government is all set to introduce fresh regulatory restrictions in the phase two.

Ardalan Shekarabi, Sweden’s Minister of Social Security, spoke to the national media and said that the government is going to have tougher restrictions on gambling advertising for licensed gambling operators in the country. The minister is one of the most influential within the country’s ruling Socialdemokraterna (social democrats) party, and he had played a key role in formulating new regulations and restructuring of the Swedish online gambling market back in 2018.

The minister has been vocal about gambling operators resorting to aggressive and excessive marketing practices to target customers. He has been a staunch critic of the expanding gamblign advertising regime and has been advocating restrictions on gambling adverts.

In a statement to the media, Shekarabi has said that the government will soon be coming with changes in the regulatory framework to restrict gambling advertising.

“I am happy with the whole thing, but there is still an area where we will have to spend a lot of our energy in the coming months, and that is advertising,” he said.

“Here we have to regain control, as we need to tighten up the law to remove the aggressive game advertising, especially with regards to dangerous elements that are attached to online casinos.”

Commenting on the measures introduced earlier and its effectiveness, the minister said that it has been relatively successful. He also commended the Spelinspektionen, the country’s gambling regulator for having sucessfully execute its ‘channelization strategy.’

However, the ministers announcement has not been welcomed by the industry trade groups.

Gustav Hoffstedt, Secretary-General of Swedish online gambling trade group BOS, has said that the minsiter is ignorant and that his arguments are not factual.

“Only the Minister believes this,” Hoffstedt said.

“Everyone else has received the alarming message from his own expert authority at Spelinspektionen is below the government’s target of 90 per cent, and that the sewerage will continue to decline. The licensing system is leaking players.”

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