Casino Workers At Cambodia’s Naga World Casino Go On Strike Demanding Better Pay

Casino Workers At Cambodia’s Naga World Casino Go On Strike Demanding Better Pay

Casino workers at Cambodia’s NagaWorld casino are on strike demanding better working conditions and better pay. According to a Reuters report, about 3,000 casino workers joined the protests on Thursday at the NagaWorld casino complex in the Cambodian capital Phnom Penh.

The casino is operated by Cambodia’s casino gambling monopoly Hong Kong-listed NagaCorp Ltd.

The workers on strike have been demanding higher pay – a monthly salary upwards of $300 per month for hotel employees. The workers have also said that they want a “US$500 a month” for those who work on casino gaming floors.

The Reuters report also says that the workers have been demanding the reinstatement of their union leader. Union leader Chhim Sithar was reportedly suspended in September last year.

Naga Corp. the company that operates the NaagWorld casino complex in Cambodia’s capital Phnom Penh is a gambling monopoly and recently it had its exclusive rights to offer casino gambling in the country was extended for another 10 years.

Cambodia which was emerging as a regional gambling hub banned online gambling last year in August. Following the ban, the country has witnessed an exodus of Chinese nationals who were dominating the online gambling business in the country.

NagaCorp has been strictly against online gambling in the country and had welcomed the government’s move to ban all forms of online gambling.

However, for casino workers in the regulated gambling market in Cambodia, this does not change much. Casino workers in the region have long been demanding better working conditions.

Last week, in neighboring Macau, workers took to the streets with a series of demands. One of the major concerns of casino workers in Macau has been better health conditions. The city’s gambling regulator has, however, promised to look into the matter and pledged to ensure that there are better healthcare services made available for casino workers in Macau.

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