Did California Just Take A Baby Step Towards Regulating Sports Gambling?

Did California Just Take A Baby Step Towards Regulating Sports Gambling?

The sports gambling market in the US is taking quantum leaps. While the number of US states offering sports betting has gone up from zero to thirteen in less than two years of the US Supreme court lifting a decade long ban on sports gambling, there are now twenty US states that have legalized sports gambling and are in the process to launch betting operations soon.

California, which often makes headlines that feature “illegal gambling busts,” has actually not been itching to benefit from expanded gambling regimes.

However, when the Senate held a joint meeting with the California Assembly on Wednesday reaching a consensus concerning sports gambling, many would argue that this is the state’s first baby step towards legalizing sports gambling.

On Wednesday, there was a joint meeting between the Senate and the California Assembly to collect information from the legalized gambling industry, integrity advocates and representatives from sports leagues including the National Basketball Association and Major League Baseball.

The hearing saw an agreement which could be summed up as accepting that sports gambling is a reality and is taking place. It was also made clear that sports gambling is taking place both remotely and in-person at licensed gambling facilities. Moreover, it was agreed that regulated gambling markets provide better consumer protection and transparency.

Sportradar’s Jake Williams, attending the meeting, said that legalizing sports betting is the best move to ensure ‘highest integrity standards.’

Sportradar gathers data from the betting industry and sporting events and analyses them to help bookmakers. The company inked a deal with the NFL last year to become its official data partner and gain access to the league’s data.

An information officer with Oregon Lottery Matt Shelby also advocated for the regulated gambling market. “Because we are a legally regulated market there is transparency there,” he commented explaining how Oregon has ensured better transparency after legalizing sports gambling last year.

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