Google Updating Gambling Blacklist After GamStop Blunder

Google Updating Gambling Blacklist After GamStop Blunder

The search engine juggernaut Google is said to be updating its gambling keyword advertising blacklist after it received criticism by the Betting and Gaming Council for allowing adverts related to gambling when users search for GamStop – the self excluding gambling addiction service.

The Betting and Gaming Council prides itself on championing ‘industry standards in betting and gaming to ensure an enjoyable, fair and safe betting and gaming experience for all’ and criticised the tech giant on the loophole a few days ago.

Third party gambling companies were slipping through the net when it come to advertising on Google, by targeting GamStop keywords to advertise their products and services.

However, Google’s Industry Head of Financial Trading and Egaming Chris Harrison said it will be ‘refreshing the global gambling blacklist’. Action has been taken, including account suspensions.

Once registered with GamStop, people are excluded from online gambling activities in the UK for a designated period of time ranging from six months to five years.

But concerns were surrounding the blunder as companies outside the UK were able to not only target the keyword, but able to accept new players from the UK despite being registered with Gamstop.

Fiona Palmer, CEO of GamStop since January 2018 outlined this concern:

“When people search for information about self-excluding from online gambling, they should only see results relating to Gamstop and organizations providing support for problem gambling. Consequently, we are working with Google and other search engines to ensure that when people search for information about self-excluding from online gambling our website is prominently displayed and these websites are not included within the search results”.

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