Delta Corp Limited Acquire Nepal Casino License

Delta Corp Limited Acquire Nepal Casino License

Delta Corp Limited, previously Arrow Webtex Ltd is the parent company of many subsidiary brands in India, which owns and operates many hotel and casino resorts for gaming and hospitality.

It has recently been announced that the 35 year old company has now acquired a license to operate in Nepal.

Deltin Group, which is the subsidiary of Delta Corp has reached an agreement with Everest Hospitality and Hotel Pvt Ltd to lease space at the in-development Marriott Hotel in Kathmandu, Nepal.

The Kathmandu Marriott Hotel is a 214-room luxury complex located in the city centre. It offers fine dining in a number of international cuisine restaurants and a music bar.

At present there is no official date set for when gaming activities will begin, though the government of Nepal has welcomed the deal and ambition of boosting international tourism in 2020.

Tourism is currently the largest source of income for Nepal with many attractions throughout the region, including its mountainous landscapes (Mount Everest) and Buddhist and Hindu heritage.

Nepal has shown a steady increase trend in the number of tourists visiting the South Asian Country with around 1 million visitors arriving per year, the majority of which travel from India, China, USA and UK.

Delta Corp Limited also owns and operates a casino hotel in Goa with a 1,000 square foot gaming area featuring over 50 table games.

Despite its 28 million population (2018 estimate), citizens of Nepal are currently banned from entering casinos in the country and Nepalis found gambling in such venues can face a fine or jail sentence. The majority of gambling activities are by Indian and Chinese tourists.

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