Eureka Casino Resort Completes Remodeling “The Brook”

Eureka Casino Resort Completes Remodeling "The Brook"

Nevada-based Eureka Casino Resorts has completed the remodeling of “The Brook,” the gambling facility in New Hampshire which the casino operator acquired a year ago.

The Brook which has been known as Seabrook Park for about the past 40 years is now rebranded and has undergone remodeling for over a year.

The racing track sits on a 75-acre property. It was acquired by Eureka Casino Resorts a year ago that has since taken the task of remodeling the 90,000-square-foot gambling establishment. What’s unique about Eureka Casino Resorts is that it is a fully employee-owned company.

The Brook is also often known as “America’s largest charity casino,” and with the remodeling, the operator plans to redefine charitable gaming.

The Brook’s charity casino offers table games such as blackjack, roulette, and cajun stud. Following the remodeling, the casino now also features a retro arcade, complete with pinball and classic 80s and 90s video games.

Bill Manzi, Seabrook town manager expressed delight at the unveiling of remodeled casino facility.

“The town of Seabrook looks forward to first-rate gaming and entertainment at this beautiful new facility, and is deeply appreciative of the major investment in Seabrook made by Eureka,” he said.

The company came into being back in 1997 and in 2015 it became Nevada’s first employee-owned hotel-casino company.

“Sometimes you are out to do good and sometimes you are out for good fun. The Brook gives you a beautiful and exciting place to do both,” said Andre Carrier, chief executive officer at Eureka Casino Resorts.

“New Hampshire has had charity casinos for years, but it has never had a true ‘casino experience. The Brook changes all of that.

“At Eureka, our ‘why’ and our ‘way’ are at our core. In New Hampshire, our ‘why’ is to be the largest, most successful charity casino in the world, and our ‘way’ is always to serve our guests, community, and one another with care, compassion, and dedication as a 100 percent employee-owned company.”

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