Governor Vetoes Sports Betting Bill, Maine’s Hopes To Regulate Sports Gambling Shattered Once Again

Governor Vetoes Sports Betting Bill, Maine’s Hopes To Regulate Sports Gambling Shattered

Today, Maine could have become another US state to legalize sports gambling had it not been for Governor Janet Mills Veto.

As the state’s legislative session kicked off, hopes were high that Maine will eventually get to see a regulated sports gambling market. However, Governor Mills did not seem to be convinced that Mainers are actually in favor of any gambling expansion.

Explaining her veto to the sports betting legalization bill, Mills said:

“I appreciate the Legislature’s interest in this evolving issue and respectfully request that you sustain this veto while we closely monitor the impact of legalization and the successes and failures in other states as they seek to regulate and benefit from sports betting.”

Following the US Supreme Court’s decision in which the apex court lifted the ban on sports betting and left it to the states to decide whether to have regulated sports betting market or not, about 20 states have legalized sports gambling and 13 have launched sports betting operations.

Maine did attempt to join the club last year as well but failed to make it. The sports betting bill was sponsored by Sen. Louis Luchini, D-Ellsworth, and called for legalizing both online gambling and mobile sports betting.

The bill called for taxing online gambling at 16 percent and sports betting at licensed gambling facilities in the state at 10 percent.

Earlier at Casino. Buzz we had reported that Maine could legalize sports gambling this week. 

Last in year July, when the bill made it to the Governor’s table she had put it on hold. At that time explaining why she did not give her assent to the bill, Mills had explained:

“The Legislature has passed a significant number of bills this session, and I take my constitutional obligation seriously to thoroughly review all of them, evaluate their implications and decide whether they are in the best interest of Maine people.”

“I will continue to review these bills and gather more information, and I look forward to acting on them at the beginning of the next legislative session.”



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