More People Register For Gambling Self-Exclusion In Massachusetts

More People Register For Gambling Self-Exclusion In Massachusetts

While the proponents of a gambling expansion plan in Massachusetts are exploring opportunities to push for a new casino in the state, more and more gamblers are registering to exclude themselves from gambling.

According to a Boston 25 News report “ more people are taking the drastic step of banning themselves from Massachusetts casinos.”

Massachusetts has a gambling self-exclusion program for gamblers who want to exclude themselves from gambling at casinos in the state.

The report quotes Ray Fluette, his supervisor at ‘GameSense,’ part of the Massachusetts Council on Compulsive Gambling: “We get them at probably their lowest state.”

“They’ve lost too much money, they’re not spending enough time with their family or friends, they’re lying, they could be embezzling, there are many different reasons,” Fluette explains.

Casinos in Massachusetts have a GameSense desk where players can register for voluntary gambling self-exclusion. A person may choose to exclude himself for a period of one year, two years or even five years. Once your name is one the exclusion register you’ll not be allowed to wager at casinos in the state.

Numbers On The Rise

The number of gamblers registering to exclude themselves is on the rise. According to the figures revealed by the Boston 25 news, three Massachusetts casinos averaged around 35 registrations each month last year; however, in the first week of 2020 alone the number of people who have registered for excluding themselves is 21.

The Encore Boston Harbor Casino where on average around four people would register for gambling self-exclusion in 2019 has had 13 people registered in the self-exclusion directory in the first week.

Mark Vanderlinden, the director of research and responsible gaming for the Mass. Gaming Commission said: “They’re finally here saying, ‘I need help.’”

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