Victory For Casino Workers In Cambodia, Naga Corp. Backs Down

Victory For Casino Workers In Cambodia, Naga Corp. Backs Down

Striking casino workers in Cambodia’s NagaWorld complex will now have some real reasons to celebrate the weekend. As the workers got back to their jobs on Saturday, they had gotten most of their important demands met by Phnom Penh’s casino gambling monopoly NagaCorp.

The regional casino gambling giant had to give up to the demands of the thousands of striking workers who had been rallying in the NagaWorld complex since Thursday. The casino workers had their union leader reinstated who was suspended following alterations with the management.

Chhim Sithar, the union leader of the casino workers was suspended earlier in September 2019.

The workers had been calling for his reinstatement ever since. However, with the strike intensifying, NagaCorp was forced to reinstate the suspended union leader and his reinstatement was the first and foremost demand of the workers.

The workers also stood for higher wages. They claimed that on average a worker gets between $150 to $250 a month. NagaCorp also submitted to the demands of the workers to raise their salaries.

According to the reports in the local media, workers have said that the casino operator has agreed to give them a pay raise between 18 to 30 percent.

While it is not unusual for workers to go on strike, especially in Cambodia what is unlikely is that a Cambodian entity gives up to the demands of a labor union. The victory of the casino workers is significant in many regards.

NagaCorp. is a regional casino giant and had reported a revenue of $1.8 billion in 2019 up about 20 percent from $1.5 billion the casino operator grossed in 2018. It is also the only casino license holder in Cambodia.

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