NagaCorp Slams Strike Reports As ‘One Sided’ And ‘Inaccurate’

NagaCorp Slams Strike Reports As 'One Sided' And 'Inaccurate'

NagaCorp, the casino operator in Cambodia has spoken out against reports regarding the recent strike action at their NagaWorld Integrated Resort.

The strike, which took place just days ago, involved a large number of workers that demanded better working conditions and higher pay.

However, the Hong Kong listed gaming firm disputed the size of the strike and volume of employees involved.

It said that no more than 700 employees took part in the strike – not 3000 as reported by some media outlets.

NagaWorld Integrated Resort employs over 8000 staff members in differing roles, both unionised and non-unionised.

The company spoke out about how the business works and hinted that employees were aware of the terms of the business and service-demand when they joined the company.

It expanded by saying that NagaWorld Integrated Resort ‘is a 24-hour service and hospitality company’ that generates more revenue during holidays and that it “pays high wages and fringe benefits to its employees and believes that the salary is one of the best and if not the highest in Cambodia”.

Recently, the Cambodian Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training announced a national minimum wage rise of over 4% to around 170 Euro a month.

Proposals by the NagaWorld Union, which represents many of the workers at NagaWorld are demanding that the minimum wage should be increased to around 230 Euro for hotel employees and around 380 Euro for casino staff members.

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