Spain Suspends New Gambling Licenses For Two Years

Spain Suspends New Gambling Licenses For Two Years

The new coalition government in Spain has announced that no new gambling licenses will be issued for the next two years.

The government, since it took power, has been critical of the increased presence of gambling operators in the country and has demonstrated its commitment to restricting the spread of gambling addiction in the country.

The new license suspension has been announced for all types of gambling including land-based and online gambling.

Spain’s Vice President Juan Pedro Yllanes has said that the gambling industry in the country will be reorganized. As such the government is planning a series of measures for the country’s expanding gambling regime.

He also said that the suspension of new licenses will be effective and will keep Spain from being hit by an avalanche of gambling operators like Las Vegas.

The Vice President also said that there are about 152 licensed gambling establishments in the country of which three are casinos. There are five pending requests for approval and Yllanes said that they would be processed in accordance with the legal provisions.

The Vice President said that their government committed to tackling the social harms that are associated with gambling and the very suspension of new licenses is a strong step towards that goal.

He said that the move is to ensure public health and safety and also protection of customer rights. The government has also said that if need be and if the gambling establishments fail to comply with the regulations, the suspension of new licenses can be extended for another term.

The EGBA has also issued a statement on Spain’s plans to bring in new regulations. It has said that they welcome Spain’s move to bring changes to ensure customer protection.

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