390+ Million Euro Wagered In Indiana In First Four Legal Betting Months

390+ Million Euro Wagered In Indiana In First Four Legal Betting Months

It is reported that since sports betting was legalised in Indiana, the state has seen over 390 million Euro wagered on football and parlay.

In four months since September 2019 through to the end of December 2019, punters in the Hoosier State have set gambling records by wagering on a variety of sports from college football and basketball to NFL and NBA basketball.

As reported, of the 390 million Euro (around 436 USD) taken in bets, over sixty-percent were placed on mobile devices.

Michael Hicks, who is a professor of economics at Ball State University commented:

“You can download an app and bet on a college football game after two beers… Most casino goers are simply treating the casino like a substitute to going to a movie and having a popcorn… A couple going to a casino is not radically different than a regular date night”.

Indiana became one of thirteen states last year to sign a legalised sports betting bill, which paved the way for online and mobile betting. It came after a twenty five year ban was lifted in 2018, which forbid betting outside the state of Nevada.

Current laws in Indiana have granted permission for over 10 land-based and riverboat casinos. However, it is too early in the phase of new betting activity to see whether or not online and mobile betting will have an impact on these establishments.

The state currently collects 9.5% in tax revenue from sports betting and only selected events are permitted, including; NASCAR, soccer, NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB and tennis among others.

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