TOP Real Money Online Casino Sites for January 2020

TOP Real Money Online Casino Sites for January 2020

Online gamblers are always interested in finding the best and newest online casinos available to them at all times. Keeping up with which new sites are out there could be a full-time job. There are plenty that emerge on the scene all the time. What any real player needs to know is what some of the best casinos are and which ones are new to the scene.

There are numerous online casinos sites available in the United States and beyond, but it is increasingly difficult to find a review of them that doesn’t seep with bias. Many people writing the reviews have some kind of vested interest in the casino and therefore cannot offer anyone real insight into how great these casinos really are. Today, the offer is to get a truly unbiased review of some of the best and newest online casinos for January 2020.

Cleopatra Casino

A great choice for safety and security in online casinos is Cleopatra Online Casino. It only has a track record running back about two years, but it is a very warm place to play online slots for real money. The Cleopatra casino site has long maintained a strong reputation among online casinos, and it is therefore a pretty safe bet.

The Cleopatra Casino site offers everything from roulette and blackjack to live dealer games that one can enjoy. They are constantly expanding their universe of offerings, and players enjoy testing their luck against what Cleopatra has to offer.

Paradise Casino

A lengthy history is typically a good sign when selecting an online casino to play at. One that has been around for longer than a decade is definitely one that has some history to it. That is exactly the case with Paradise Casino. It first came out in 2009, and it has bonuses on offer right now of up to 450% of the initial deposit made by a new player. They do accept US players, and they are constantly offering new promotions. This has helped them win the hearts of a lot of customers.

These are two standout casinos to sample in January of 2020. They have been entertaining players for some time, and they are continuing to build out their powerful reputation as great places to wager some money online. All new online gamblers should consider beginning their gambling journey at one or both of these locations.

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