Highview Development Group Propose New Des Moines Casino

Highview Development Group Propose New Des Moines Casino

Des Moines, the capital city of IOWA could be set to develop a new casino and hotel resort at its Des Moines International Airport according to latest reports.

Highview Development Group, a commercial and residential property developer has proposed a new casino and hotel resort that will generate an estimated revenue of around 76 million Euro per year.

As part of the proposal, the resort complex will include a 350-room hotel that is connected to the airport via a skywalk along with other facilities including wedding venue and restaurant.

Kayla Kovarna, board member of Greater Des Moines Leadership Institute and Des Moines International Airport spokesperson commented on the proposal:

“It’s our duty to consider all proposals that might benefit the airport and greater Des Moines.”

However, Tom Coates; executive director of Consumer Credit, a firm dedicated to helping gambling addicts and people with financial gambling problems said that the proposals of generating revenue through gambling activities was bad business for a number of reasons.

Coates said:

“Brick-and-mortar casinos are on their way out… Older people may want to sit at slot machines all day, but younger people want to gamble from their phones. The casino is not going to be the draw they think it is long term.”

It is reported that the development proposal will be discussed in February 2020 and a decision will be made.

However, in 2014 and 2017, The Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission rejected casino development proposals just 225 kilometres away from Des Moines International Airport in Cedar Rapids. It is not yet clear whether the Commission will accept the new Des Moines proposals.

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