Man To Be Sentenced Over Grosvenor Casino Attack

Man To Be Sentenced Over Grosvenor Casino Attack

Scotland – It is reported that a man named John Scott, is to be sentenced at the end of January 2020 following the guilty admission of assault at Grosvenor Casino Dundee, Scotland.

The attack took place on New Year’s Day and the police were called to the incident, which reportedly involved John Scott assaulting two male casino employees.

As the incident escalated, it is reported that the man, who is in his 20’s, also assaulted a female police officer and repeatedly struggled with police along with an attempt to remove handcuffs.

David Duncan, who was defending John Scott in court said:

“He had not been taking his medication and was self-medicating.”

Neither Grosvenor Casino, which is located in West Marketgait, Dundee, Scotland nor General Manager Andrew Miller has commented on the incident.

The casino, which opened its doors in 2009, resumed open for business and operates during the hours of 4pm and 6am daily.

Grosvenor Casino Dundee is a modern casino that offers a variety of gambling activities including poker rooms, gaming tables and slot machines. The casino, which only allows entrance to members, regularly hosts poker tournaments in its dedicated card room.

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