New Casino To Open In Brighton England

New Casino To Open In Brighton England

UK – A casino establishment in Brighton, England is undergoing a major redevelopment and refurbishment operation along with a rebrand.

Grosvenor Casino in Brighton is changing its name to Pier Nine and will become a new entertainment hub with an investment reported in the region of 6 million Euro.

The primary aim of the refurbishment is to turn the 3 story venue in to a vibrant leisure, entertainment and gaming destination on the seafront of Brighton.

General manager of Grosvenor Casino in Brighton Bob Bowry commented on the announcement:

“This is a major investment in a well-loved building on the seafront, creating new jobs in the local leisure and entertainment sector as well as a destination for the changing habits of those in search of memorable experiences under one roof.”

Bowry continued to express the company’s transformative vision and unrestrictive future plans:

“Pier Nine will be a 24/7 venue for work, rest and play and will be open to everyone who enjoys a vibrant atmosphere without the need for membership fees. The variety of fantastic food and drink on offer, as well as retro gaming and the excitement of traditional casino games will make Pier Nine a leisure and entertainment destination for all to enjoy.”

In addition to the casino, the refurbished venue, which will re-launch in February 2020, will feature a Karaoke room, e-Darts, shuffleboard and digipool.

The organisation has said:

“We also offer a casual dining menu throughout and feature large screens for live events, entertainment and sports viewing. We’re confident these changes will improve your gaming experience as well as create new and exciting reasons for you to visit us.”

Around 10 million people visit Brighton, England, every year and investment in such redevelopment projects is expected to boost the local economy and create jobs, with around 60 jobs estimated to be created in Pier Nine.

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