Maryland Casino Cheats Imprisoned Following Baccarat Fraud

Maryland Casino Cheats Imprisoned Following Baccarat Fraud

Maryland, USA – It is reported that two adult males have been imprisoned for 13 months and 18 months following their admission in baccarat fraud at a Maryland casino establishment.

The case was referred to the Federal Bureau of Investigation by the casino organisation who suspected fraudulent activity had taken place at its venue after a customer by the name of Chenguang Ni won over a quarter of a million Euro.

Alarm bells rang in the casino managements minds following unusual betting patterns and activity that went against the usual odds and house edge of a baccarat table.

A casino employee by the name of Ming Zhang initially denied any involvement when questioned by his employers.

The FBI said:

“The casino knew there had been cheating. What wasn’t known was exactly how the player did it”.

Following a series of interviews and CCTV footage reviews, the casino establishment concluded that baccarat player Chenguang Ni must have knew the order of the cards in the deck.

It is reported that Chenguang Ni had provided money to a number of other players in the casino and told them to sit at the baccarat table to play smaller bets to move the cards along and prevent other unknown players from taking the seats.

As the deck of cards was fanned in front of players, Chenguang Ni used his mobile phone to photograph the order of the cards, which the casino dealer Ming Zhang agreed not to shuffle.

The player was then able to recognise the sequence of the un-shuffled cards so that he could place bets on the outcome of the game; player win, banker win or tie.

Baccarat uses cards from the deck each game round of betting. Bets are placed before the cards are dealt and the closest to nine wins.

Following investigations of how the scam played out, both men were sentenced to jail and Ming Zhang was fired from the establishment.

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