Remote Gambling Dominates UK Gaming And Betting Industry

Remote Gambling Dominates UK Gaming And Betting Industry

UK – Figures released by the UK Gambling Commission show that Britons wagered over fourteen billion pounds in almost a year from the months of March to April.

The majority of revenue taken by gambling firms in Britain was by remote gaming and betting channels with over thirty percent coming from online and mobile wagering.

It is reported that over 5 billion pounds was taken via apps and websites for bingo, betting and casino games during the period.

Despite the figures being high, the main concern from the UK Gambling Commission was people who borrow cash to gamble.

Following the announcement just a few days by the UK government to ban credit card gambling, it is estimated that around 800,000 people will no longer be able to fund their betting and casino accounts with deposits from credit cards from April 2020 as they have done previously.

OpenMoney CEO since 2015 Anthony Morrow commented:

“For years, online betting companies have been called out for targeting young and vulnerable people, and making the idea of gambling money seem like a game without consequences… The fact that it’s been perfectly legal to bet money you don’t have using credit is simply absurd. We hope this ban helps the millions of people who gamble to think more about how they are paying for it”.

Also among the figures of spending on gambling activities by Britons were; betting, national lottery and local casinos.

The National Lottery is the UK national lottery, operated by Camelot Group. Revenue is generated via a number of channels, including; online (instant wins), UK Millionaire Maker, Scratchcards, EuroMillions, Set For Life, Thunderball and Lotto Hotpicks.

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