Former Alea Casino Director Out Of Retirement After Just 13 Months

Former Alea Casino Director Out Of Retirement After Just 13 Months

England – Former Alea Casino director Steve Glynn has came out of retirement to join digital branding agency Champions UK plc in England.

Alea Casino Nottingham is part of a brand chain of gaming establishments, owned and operated by Caesars Entertainment. The establishment offers a state of the art casino, luxury restaurant and bar.

Glynn, who is now Head Of Corporate Development at Champions UK plc in Nottingham, has worked in the local and global casino and gaming industry for more than forty years.

After a year of retirement, Steve Glynn is now assisting the family-run business with growing its presence in London and across regions in the Midlands.

Glynn’s career in the gaming industry has included many prestigious and reputable venues throughout the UK and rest of the world.

He has been involved in the development and maintenance of establishments and services including the Les Ambassadeurs Club Casino in London, Empire Casino London, part of Caesars Entertainment, The Ritz Hotel, London, which has a casino in the basement of the hotel offering poker, blackjack, baccarat and roulette games.

Steve Glynn commented on his admiration for the agency:

“Having previously been a client of Champions I know exactly about the benefits and support that the company can offer”.

Glynn expanded on his decision to come out of retirement:

“With this in mind it was an easy decision to come on board. I’ve been retired for the last 13 months but missed the buzz of the working world. With this in mind I jumped at the chance when this opportunity with Champions became available to me.”

Further he added about what his previous roles and experience can bring to the firm:

“I’ll be using my knowledge of the business communities Champions operates in as well as the relationships I’ve made from my time in the casino industry to help us continue to succeed in this new decade.”

During his career in the gaming industry, Steve Glynn also lived in South Africa where he worked on the Emerald Resort and Casino in Johannesburg, which is owned and operated by Caesars Entertainment.

Emerald Resort and Casino is a large accommodation and gaming resort located near Vaal River. It offers lodge accommodation, chalets, hotel rooms, conference facilities and a casino with a number of gaming tables and slots.

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