Japan May Not Introduce Gambling If Opposition Political Parties Pass Bill

Japan May Not Introduce Gambling If Opposition Political Parties Pass Bill

Japan – Opposition politics parties to the Japanese government have submitted a bill to scrap the law, passed in 2018, to introduce gambling to Japan by way of integrated resorts.

Developments have been unfolding over the last few weeks as three licenses were announced for cities in Japan to tender for a bid to introduce casino gambling in parts of the country.

However, four opposition political parties; the Social Democratic Party, Democratic Party of Japan, the Japanese Communist Party and the Democratic Party for the People have submitted a bill to the house of representatives that could repeal the law all together.

There has been a number of controversial events that have unfolded during the past few years, including an alleged bribery scandal relating to lawmaker Tsukasa Akimoto.

The bill, submitted by the opposition, could repeal the 2018 law on introducing casino integrated resorts if it is successfully passed.

Jun Azumi, Democratic Party politician commented:

“We submitted the bill as the first step to make the government give up introducing casinos”.

However, Yoshihide Suga, Chief Cabinet Secretary said:

“We’ll will make necessary preparations so that the effects of integrated resort development will become evident as early as possible.”

Last week, Casino Buzz reported that despite strong opposition to integrated resorts, the government was firm on the decision that it would not move an inch from its plans.

Submission of the bill has already caused a stir among officials across Japan as plans and tendering is already underway, with a number of cities proposing development schedules and global gaming resort developers pencilling applications for their bid to win the rights to one of three licenses.

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