Gaming And Betting Firms Dismiss Young Persons Gambling Claims

Gaming And Betting Firms Dismiss Young Persons Gambling Claims

UK – A number of gaming and betting firms have dismissed claims that they are targeting young people and say the allegations by a UK media outlet are untrue.

A database, which contains sensitive information of children and students, including names, addresses and age, known as the ‘Learning Records Service’ is being used by gambling operators to increase the proportion of young people who gamble online, according to reports.

The Betting and Gaming Council, which represents UK gaming and betting firms in the industry commented on the allegations:

“Media reports that betting companies have access to the Learning Records Service database are untrue”.

A spokesperson for the Betting and Gaming Council elaborated on the type of information that is provided to gambling organisations:

“GB Group provides age verification services to a range of organisations from banks to government agencies and betting companies”.

The council expanded on details and concerns surrounding the claims:

“All betting companies are legally required to verify the age of people who wish to join to ensure that they are over the age of 18, the only information GB Group provides is confirmation or rejection that the applicant is over the age of 18”.

Gambling Age Verification

GB Group is an identity management, location intelligence and fraud prevention company. It describes itself as providing ‘solutions that help organisations validate and verify the identity and location of their customers’.

Two big name gambling firms were mentioned in the report; 32Red and Betfair. They both dismissed the claims:

“The claims made in the Sunday Times that Betfair has used GB Group’s data to target underage customers are completely untrue… In fact the reverse is true, we use the company solely for age and identity verification services in order to ensure that no customer can open an account without confirming they are over 18.” Said Flutter Entertainment – Betfair’s parent company.

32Red said that the allegations were untrue and unfounded and that:

“The only information 32Red has access to is confirmation or rejection that the person requesting to open an account with us is over the age of 18, and not specific details about that person… While we understand there is heightened scrutiny on the gambling sector at present, it is vital that reporting remains accurate and based on evidence and facts”.

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