Rank Group Uses Idax Software To Analyse Identity And Access Management

Rank Group Uses Idax Software To Analyse Identity And Access Management

20 January 2020: Idax, the IAM analytics software company, has today announced that the international gaming company, Rank, has become the latest customer for idax’s identity and access management analytics solution.

The Rank Group has been entertaining Britain since 1937, from its origins in motion pictures to today’s gaming-based entertainment brands such as Grosvenor Casinos, Mecca Bingo, and Enracha.

The idax Risk Engine analyses access rights, highlighting which employees have access to systems they shouldn’t by virtue of a job change / upgrade. Idax provides results within minutes, without any prior knowledge about your business. Idax’s Risk Manager then provides a modern, intuitive user interface to make the results simple and easy for line managers to understand and take action.

“As part of our ongoing regulatory requirements, we need to be able to regularly review the access rights of our users,” commented the Head of Information Security Governance at Rank Group. “With complex systems, and over 8,000 employees spread across the country, we need to be confident that the right people have access to the right systems and data. Idax is helping us have that confidence.”

An Infrastructure Project Manager at Rank Group also added, “We were particularly impressed with the speed with which idax gives results – when we plugged it into our systems, we went from zero to hero in under six hours.”

“We are pleased that the Rank Group has decided to use idax across the organisation,” commented Mark Rodbert, idax CEO. “Too many organisations focus their defence on preventing people from getting in. But it is just as critical to look at the people who already have access.”

Mark continues: “Rank Group has chosen idax, not only to analyse access rights, but to dynamically enforce the principle of ‘least privilege’, dramatically reducing the risk of insider threat.”

About idax Software

Idax is the world’s leading identity analytics company, automatically analysing the access rights inside an organisation, quantifying the risk and determining which staff have access they shouldn’t. Protecting digital information is critical for modern companies; most cyber fraud is committed by employees. As technology becomes more complex, knowing whether someone should have access to systems is beyond the capability of managers and traditional systems. What is required is a new approach. Using proprietary algorithms, idax enables organisations to manage access changes in real-time, making it possible to dynamically enforce the principle of ‘least privilege’.

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