Hero Gaming’s Boom Casino Launch Imminent

Hero Gaming's Boom Casino Launch Imminent

Hero Gaming Ltd’s highly anticipated online casino product Boom Casino is set to launch.

The multi-language online casino provider is promising to offer a revolutionary gaming experience to players in UK, Germany, Finland and Sweden.

Hero Gaming Ltd, established in 2013, currently owns and operates five online gambling brands across casino and sports betting markets.

The firm, who says its purpose is to ‘deliver a safe and responsible gambling experience’ is well known in the industry for its ‘Speedy’ brand, which includes Speedy Casino, Speedy Lotto and Speedy Bet has offices in Sweden and Malta.

Founder of Hero Gaming Ltd and current chief executive officer of Hero Gaming Sweden Georg Westin commented on the announcement:

“Hero Gaming is the company behind many successful gaming products and innovations in the past five years and in our new flagship brand, we are taking all of our experience and combining it with player interviews and feedback to set a new standard for what a casino experience can be.”

Westin expanded on what players can expect from the new casino provider that utilises the latest technologies:

“The focus of this unique and slick interface is to package the rich game experience, together with simplicity, partnered with cutting edge technologies. This combination creates a smooth interface that gets you playing the games you want faster and easier, be it playing on your computer or on your mobile.”

Hero Gaming has always put a revolutionary ethos at the heart of its founding principles and looks to expand on this with its latest brand launch.

Georg Westin elaborated on the type of features the company is working on behind the scenes:

“Boom has a unique ‘my games’ section where you can select which [game] you want to play the most. You can even choose dynamic games tiles, such as so it always shows the latest game release from your favourite game provider… Boom offers detailed information about each game and professional tips as to what is key to win and have the most fun. Many games can also be played in the Hero Gaming innovation blitz mode”.

Blitz mode is a feature within specific games that allows players to play up to six times faster than normal games. It cuts down on load times and features such as spinning slot reels along with allowing the player to stop the game at any point during play.

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