Macau Casinos To Install Temperature Screening Machines

Macau Casinos To Install Temperature Screening Machines

Macau – Casino establishments in Macau are set to install temperature screening machines to check and monitor patrons entering gaming venues amid coronavirus crisis.

Macau, which has an estimated population of 670,000, has around six hundred and ninety three thousand people, including tourists, visiting the special administrative region every week on average, is on high alert following a confirmed case of the virus.

The virus, which is said to have flu-like symptoms, starts with a fever and progresses to a dry cough with shortness of breath, breathing difficulties and pneumonia.

It is reported that at least nine people in China have died from the virus so far, which has previously been unknown to science and can cause severe lung disease.

The Coronavirus is reported to have originated in the capital of Hubei province in Central China Wuhan in 2019 and has since spread to Shanghai, Beijing and parts of other countries, including the US, Japan and South Korea.

Macau officials are reportedly working closely with more than six casino establishments, to modify entrances to the casinos to install temperature screening machines.

The announcement comes just days before Chinese New Year, also known as Lunar New Year, celebrations begin in an event that sees over one million people visit Macau in less than one week.

The Venetian Macao is expected to be concerned as the largest casino resort in the region, which has 3,000 hotel rooms and the largest gaming space available.

An emergency committee meeting at the World Health Organization in Geneva is expected to take place imminently to assess the continued risk of the virus and decide whether an international public emergency is to be declared, which could see restrictions on both trade and travel.

According to reports, coughing and sneezing are two primary channels for how the virus can spread from person to person.

Authorities in China are said to be at the ‘most critical stage’ of virus control.

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