New Gambling National Regulatory Authority Announced In Germany

New Gambling National Regulatory Authority Announced In Germany

Germany – A new national regulatory authority on gambling has today been announced in Germany whereby the country’s 16 states have made substantial progress in online gambling talks for a new state treaty.

Previously, it has been illegal to gamble online on casino games in the majority of Germany’s states, with online casinos outlawed.

However, citizens of Germany are able to wager at online casino sites outside of the Western European country and over the last ten years Germany has faced an uphill climb to stop the spread of illegal gambling and black market providers.

The recent conclusion to the gambling negotiations is said to introduce a new model around the country’s current state lottery industry.

Sports betting and wagering on lotteries will remain unchanged.

The announcement, which was made today in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein is expected to bring news of regulation and legislation on casino games, slots and poker over the coming months.

The new authority will also introduction strict safeguarding laws against underage gambling and ensuring protection for vulnerable people against addiction.

Whilst the new regulatory authority will be state-wide, it will also provide freedom for each state to develop its own agenda for online casino providers.

German ministerial official Dirk Schrodter commented:

“States will formulate and enforce regulatory and technical requirements” and that the new legislation will “be the basis for a sufficiently attractive online gambling offering, to ensure the channelling of gambling into the legal market”.

Although the full details of the new regulatory body and what it will include are not yet finalised, it is expected that it will outline restrictions such as a blackout window of closure each day, time delays between accessing certain casino and betting providers and a watershed time period whereby TV commercials will not be allowed.

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