Casino Shares Down As Coronavirus Hits USA

Casino Shares Down As Coronavirus Hits USA

USA – It has today been announced by officials in Chicago that a second confirmed case of coronavirus has been confirmed.

A woman reportedly in her 60’s returned to Chicago from the Chinese city of Wuhan, where the virus was said to have originated.

The news comes after it was reported that Macau was cancelling many of its Chinese Lunar New Year events that were expected to commence this weekend, after it reported additional cases of the disease spreading.

Casino establishments in the Asian gambling capital put preventative measures in place, including screening devices on all entrances and exits.

However, USA gambling firms, who operate in Macau are witnessing the negative effects with shares down as much as eight percent.

Las Vegas Sands Corporation, the Nevada based gaming and entertainment resort company has seen a drop in share prices of around six percent.

The organisation currently runs Las Vegas Sands Macau, a hotel and casino resort located in Se which is said to be struggling due to coronavirus crisis.

Wynn Resorts, another US casino resort developer out of Nevada operates Wynn Macau, a luxury casino hotel with over 1000 hotel rooms and an American styled casino. It has experienced a eight percent drop in share prices.

Many of Macau’s casinos may be forced to shut their doors and now with the second coronavirus case confirmed in the US, it is unclear whether establishments there will follow suit.

A price recovery on shares in Las Vegas Sands and Wynn Resorts is not expected for some time as cautious citizens in Macau plan a period of self isolation.

Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations are expected to be one of the quietest on record in the gambling region of Macau as the viral crisis rumbles on.

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