Japan Casino Schools Continue Training Croupiers Ahead Of Legalisation

Japan Casino Schools Continue Training Croupiers Ahead Of Legalisation

Japan – Casino schools in Japan are continuing to train students to become casino croupiers and dealers ahead of legalisation in the East Asian nation.

Many regions in the country sandwiched between the Sea of Japan and the Pacific Ocean are seeing an influx in the number of people enrolling on the specialist gambling programmes in casino schools scattered around the country.

The schools, or casino academies, are reportedly charging as much as thirteen thousand Euro per course to become a fully qualified croupier ahead of three gambling licenses being granted by the government of Japan for integrated resorts.

The course is said to include units on promotion, management and earnings potential, as a 25 euro per hour guide figure is mentioned for employed croupiers, three times higher than other jobs in hospitality or retail.

The government of Japan is said to be continuing its push on the legalisation of gambling after both minor and major setbacks over previous years, including public opinion being divided following the Tsukasa Akimoto bribery scandal that rocked Japan’s casino proposals.

This week, it is reported that the first casino exhibition is taking place in the Japanese city of Yokohama as major gaming corporations from around the world descend on the most populous municipality of Japan located south of Tokyo.

The integrated resort exhibition has been organised to bring together both those in favour and those against legalisation of gambling and integrated resorts.

Among the names said to be attending are Melco International Development Limited, a Hong Kong based entertainment and gaming firm and Las Vegas Sands Corporation, a US based casino resort developer situated in Nevada.

According to reports, when, not if, the integrated resorts are developed and gambling is legal in Japan, the country will require around an estimated ten thousand professional croupiers to be trained and employed.

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