Plans To Spend Gambling Revenue In Hawaii Following Legalisation Bid

Plans To Spend Gambling Revenue In Hawaii Following Legalisation Bid

Hawaii – It is reported that plans have been publicised on where revenue from gambling, both online and offline, in the state of Hawaii could be spent amid funding shortfall and following the latest legalisation bid.

In the past, many gambling bills have been rejected in The Aloha State, including lottery bids.

However, as funding shortfalls increase in Hawaii, an example proposal has been put forward showing the benefits of gambling revenue as investment to local infrastructure, education and the environment, similar to that seen in other states that have recently legalised gambling.

Gambling in Hawaii, along with one other US state (Utah) is banned completely, but growing concerns surrounding a crisis in education and healthcare may provide sway on the path to legalisation as a channel for the tropical climate state instead of raising taxes for citizens.

Senator Keith-Agaran commented:

“What we don’t want to do is rely on it. But I’m interested in finding funding for things like medical services in rural areas. Either we fund it with this, or we have to find the money somewhere else.”

Senator Dru Kanuha added:

“There are always different perspectives when considering new industries, and we’re on the right path with every measure and discussion we have regarding generating revenues and not increasing taxes on residents in Hawaii”.

Proposed plans that emerged from the latest gambling discussion in Hawaii outlined a boost in funding of 45% for the Department of Education, 20% for the University of Hawaii and 10% towards medical scholarships for long term medical professionals in Hawaii.

At present, citizens and residents of Hawaii are banned from wagering on sports and in casinos and there is no state lottery.

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