Isle of Wight Becoming Hotspot For Gambling Despite No Casinos

Isle of Wight Becoming Hotspot For Gambling Despite No Casinos

The Isle of Wight, an English island located in the  English Channel, an extension of the Atlantic Ocean separating France and Britain, is reportedly becoming a hotspot for gambling both offline and online, despite having no physical land based casinos.

With an estimated population of just one hundred and forty thousand, the island follows similar trends to that of the mainland it is part of; England (and the UK).

Over the last thirty years, the UK has grown to become one of the leaders in the global iGaming industry, and many residents of the Isle of Wight share the same enthusiasm for casino games and sports betting as many on the British mainland.

This has resulted in a rise, according to news reports, in the number of sportsbook establishments and FOBT’s (fixed odds betting terminals), with Betfred and William Hill leading the race as most notable brands.

In addition, the number of people located on the island engaging in online betting and mobile gambling is also on the rise.

In fact, the estimated total amount being wagered on sports and casino games tops sixty to seventy million pounds per year.

This figure is shared between local residents and tourist expenditure.

The Isle of Wight currently welcomes around 3 million visitors every year, including tourists and despite there being no casino venues on the home of Osborne House, a former royal residence in East Cowes, gross gaming revenue continues to increase.

There have been rumours circulating of late that could see the island get its first casino venue with largest towns Newport and Ryde being the obvious choice of location.

The current nearest casino establishment for people who live on the Isle of Wight is the Grosvenor Casino Portsmouth, which is a 45 minute ferry journey.

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