Bristol Casino Venue Infested With Rodents

Bristol Casino Venue Infested With Rodents

UK – It has been reported today by a local media outlet in Bristol that a Bristol casino establishment is struggling with a rodent infestation following an incident in the venue’s on-site restaurant.

A female visitor of Rainbow Casino Bristol, which is one of five establishments of the gaming brand, was left disgusted on a night out as she claims a mouse ran across the floor of the casino where she dined last weekend.

The anonymous customer had finished eating a late evening meal at the on-site casino restaurant when a small brown mouse ran across the floor.

The lady commented on the incident:

“We had finished our meal and paid our bill. All was fine. A few minutes later, a mouse ran across the restaurant. It was only a small one, but it ran from one side to the other, in the gambling area.”

The customer expanded on further discoveries following the incident:

“We were obviously horrified. We then noticed under the tables there were mouse traps. There were two traps, about 10 inches long.”

Staff at the casino were already aware of such incidents occurring, with the woman adding:

“We brought this to the manager’s attention, who was rude and just replied, ‘We know we have a problem. I can’t imagine what the kitchens are like if the restaurant is like this.”

The local council has confirmed that an investigation will take place at the casino establishment, but it is not yet clear whether a food hygiene inspection will take place.

Some mice are considered to be vermin and can cause major disruptions and damage to such establishments. According to studies in America, breathing dust that has come in to contact with urine or feces of mice can cause illness and breathing difficulties.

Rainbow Casino is located on Explore Lane, Canon’s Marsh, Bristol and offers free memberships to adults over the age of 18. The casino and restaurant remain open and the investigation is ongoing.

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