Atlantic City Needs To Become Safer To Improve Business

Atlantic City Needs To Become Safer To Improve Business

USA – It has been reported today that top executives in many of the casino establishments in Atlantic City have passed comment that the resort city in New Jersey needs to become cleaner and safer in order to ‘truly’ improve business conditions and public perception.

In addition, a ‘Greater Atlantic City Chamber of Commerce’ panel, where eight out of nine casino executives attended, concluded that they opposed the return of gambling activities at Showboat Atlantic City – a hotel that previous provided casino gaming facilities to patrons.

With high levels of crime in Atlantic City and parts of the township looking run-down, the city is struggling to attract the desired numbers of tourists and investment. Therefore, the panel discussed crucial topics about the city’s image and how they could make people feel safer, whilst improving the chances of investment.

Joe Lupo, Hard Rock President since 2018 commented:

“Our buildings can’t be surrounded by drug addicts and prostitutes. The street lights need to work. There’s a lot of work that needs to be done. The city needs to be in better shape. Go out and buy the biggest bulldozer the county has to offer, and you could probably make a lot of positive changes.”

The panel meeting raised many issues with the problems in the city and the debate continued to highlight why Atlantic City was experiencing a decline. Many believe the city is going in the wrong direction and vital change is needed.

Mark Giannantonio, President and chief executive officer at Resorts Casino Hotel since 2013 said:

“We all agree we’re not pleased with where we are with the Tourism District… Resorts is totally against an additional casino. It would be a bad move. It will certainly cause cannibalization of the existing properties.”

Among the issues debated at the meeting were the condition of unrepaired roads, poor and negative media coverage and problems in society coupled with lack of local investment.

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